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How CloudGuards Works

Simple Sign-Up and Activation

We believe you should be focused on your business, so we do not expect you to learn the language of cybersecurity or make complicated calculations to assess your own needs.
We have made your network security signup and activation as simple as a single click.

Managed Install

Managed Install

We manage the installation of monitoring software on every computer and/or server. And once installed, the software goes to work immediately to establish a secure bubble around your network and data.

Real -Time

Realtime Protection

Our endpoint monitoring software watches every process and activity on the network, constantly seeking out threats and reacting in real-time using artificial intelligence.

A security expert is available right now to talk about optimizing your network security.

We Take Action

When suspicious activity is detected, an alert is immediately sent to you while our 24/7/365 security professionals assess the situation. If an attack is under way, the team intervenes, and a case manager is assigned to guide you through the incident.

If required, our team can operate remotely to begin a system scan, shut down an application, block a website or IP address, or make changes to the threat management system configuration.


CloudGuards Keeps You Updated


Outstanding reporting shows you how your investment in cybersecurity has protected your digital assets and benefitted your bottom line.